Top Rental Pumps Available to Hire

Top Rental Pumps Available to Hire

How to Increase Submersible Pump Life: A Detailed Guide

Do you sometimes need to pump large amounts of messy stuff like sewage, mud, or sludge?

Renting specialty pumps for these tough jobs can save you a lot of money upfront.

In this blog post, we’ll explore two types of heavy-duty rental pumps useful for dewatering, sewage diversion, industrial waste, drilling fluids, and other messy pumping jobs.

1. Sewage Pumps

If you experience a sewage backup in your home or business, using a submersible sewage pump is an effective way for you to remove the wastewater and solids.

Submersible sewage pumps are designed to operate while fully submerged, allowing you to place them directly into the flooded area to quickly pump away the sewage.

Many submersible sewage pumps available to you are self-priming models, meaning they can prime themselves automatically in order to start pumping. You do not have to manually fill them with water to prime them before use.

Once powered on, they begin pumping automatically when the water level rises high enough to trigger the built-in float switch. They will continue pumping the sewage away until the water level drops low enough to trigger the float switch to cut power to the pump.

This automatic on/off cycling means you can simply lower them into a flooded area, turn them on, and allow them to pump the area clear with no further intervention required.

The submersible sewage pumps available for you to rent from JB Pumps are durable, reliable models designed to handle both solids and liquids with ease. Their robust construction and powerful motors allow you to use them to clear blockages and pump away sewage water containing debris and solids without clogging.

The best part? — Renting one of these purpose-built sewage pumps from JB Pumps gives you an efficient, hassle-free way of pumping away sewage overflows on your property quickly.

The automatic operation makes them ideal pumps for you to use to mitigate flooding and water damage from sewage backups.

2. Dewatering Pumps

If excess water accumulates on your construction site or property due to flooding or other causes, renting a dewatering pump gives you an efficient solution for drainage issues.

Dewatering pumps are specifically designed for you to remove large volumes of standing water from areas such as flooded places, construction sites, basements, or other areas where water collects. Their main goal is to keep these spaces dry and prevent water damage.

If you need to rent a dewatering pump, JB Pumps offers you a range of high-powered models to choose from. Their pumps are engineered to be easily transported from site to site as needed.

Most importantly, they can easily handle even heavily contaminated water containing mud, silt, and debris - making them ideal for pumping flood water.

In short, renting a dewatering pump from JB Pumps gives you a convenient and effective way to keep your site or flooded property dry and protected from water damage.


Choosing the right pump for your specific needs can make all the difference in the success of your projects.

All in all, the availability of top-quality rental sewage and dewatering pumps by JB Pumps offers you the flexibility to tackle diverse challenges without compromising on performance.