How to Increase Submersible Pump Life: A Detailed Guide

How to Increase Submersible Pump Life A Detailed Guide

How to Increase Submersible Pump Life: A Detailed Guide

From 2017 to 2023, the market size of submersible pumps in India is projected to grow at a CAGR of 9.2%. Indian submersible pumps market is culminating the developments with the innovation of advanced technology and enhancement of existing pumps.

Submersible pumps are important components of the water supply system while also helping in extracting the water from underground sources. Submersible pumps are mechanical devices that need to be handled with care and proper maintenance to increase their lifespan and long-term efficiency.

A range of activities are carried out regularly to identify the potential issues even before they escalate. This blog entails the best practices to help you increase the efficiency and life of your submersible pump by pointing out the requirements of its maintenance.

Submersible Pump: Why it Needs to be Maintained?

Submersible pumps are fully submerged in the water from where the water needs to be extracted whether clean water or water containing sand, residue, and soil. Submersible pumps can be used in situations such as flooding, rising groundwater in basements, flooded boats or areas, etc.

When submersible pumps manage to operate under these conditions and deal with various liquids at different temperatures - their maintenance is key to increasing their lifespan. Submersible pumps use an electric motor to drive one or more impellers that draw water into the pump through intakes and then forcefully discharge the water with the help of an outlet.

For the better performance of submersible pumps, they need attention to their operations. Regular maintenance of the submersible pump ensures the smooth flow of work processes.

Here are some reasons that justify the maintenance of submersible pumps:

  • Ensuring efficient performance
  • Reducing downtime
  • Minimizing potential failures
  • Extending submersible pump life
  • Preventing premature wear and tear

10 Best Practices for Increasing Submersible Pump Life

Make sure to implement these maintenance practices in your submersible pump to increase its lifespan.

1. Make Sure Submersible Pump is Fully Submerged

Submersible pumps are designed to operate underwater. If the submersible pump is not fully submerged, there is a possibility of cavitation due to the turbulence near the surface. When the submersible pump is completely submerged, it keeps the motor cool.

2. Use a Pump Protector with a Submersible Pump

A pump protector is a device that can shut off the submersible pump if any problems occur. This can help to prevent damage and can also save money on the repair of submersible pumps as you will then only have to replace the seal.

3. Avoid Operating Submersible Pumping in Dry Situations

A submersible pump can not be run in dry situations and if it does so, it can damage the motor and seal. If you must run the pump in a dry situation, install it with a well-level monitoring system or low-water-level cut-off switches.

4. Make Sure There is No Overheat

Overheating is another common cause of submersible pump failure. Overheating can be caused by many factors such as running the pump against a closed valve or operating the submersible pump in a hot environment. To prevent overheating, make sure the submersible pump is properly ventilated and that the water flow is not obstructed.

5. Ensure You Avoid Debris

Debris can clog the intake of a submersible pump, which can reduce flow and damage the pump. To avoid debris, a submersible pump should be installed away from sources of debris, such as sand, gravel, or leaves. Make sure to deactivate the pump when you detect your water level dropping.

6. Perform Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance effective practice to increase your submersible pump life. Proper maintenance will keep your submersible pump in good working condition. This includes tasks such as oil checking, inspecting the impeller of wear, and cleaning the pump housing. The frequency of maintenance will vary depending on the specific submersible pump.

7. Make Use of Energy-efficient Motors

Energy-efficient motors can help you save money and reduce the environmental effects of submersible pumps. Energy-efficient motors can significantly increase the submersible pump life. They use less energy while also producing less heat.

8. Use the Equal Sizes of Pipe as Submersible Pump

Using the same size pipe as the pump intake and discharge will help to ensure that the pump is operating efficiently. If the pipes are too small, the submersible pump will have to work harder to move the water, which can lead to overheating and premature wear.

9.Check on the Power Sufficiency

The submersible pump life is directly affected by the power supply it receives. Make sure the voltage is not too low that it results in slowing down the pump and too high voltage can cause the overheat in submersible pump. Ensure that the submersible pump performs under the recommended voltage coverage.

10. Buy from a Professional Submersible Pump Manufacturer

When choosing a submersible pump, it is important to buy it from a reputed submersible pump manufacturer to ensure that you are getting a high-quality pump that is built to last. Look for a submersible pump manufacturer that offers quality submersible pumps with a good reputation for customer service.

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