Submersible Mud Pumps For River Sand Collection

Submersible Mud Pumps for River Sand Collection

Sand is often used for construction purposes, and the extraction of this sand from rivers is known as river sand collection. Mainly extracted from aquatic environments, sand has wide construction uses like building & house construction, highway construction, and more.

However, using a reliable and highly efficient pump is necessary to extract the sand from the river properly.

Submersible mud pumps are the industry's most durable pumps for underwater operations. These mud pumps are peak performers in pumping and moving thick solids and liquids from the river.

Continue reading to learn more about submersible mud pumps and how they are ideal for the river sand collection process.

What Is River Sand Collection?

River sand collection is a process of extracting sand from an open pit or inland dunes from ocean and river beds.

This sand is extracted mainly due to multiple uses of sand in manufacturing and construction. River sand collection helps extract valuable elements like titanium and zirconium that are useful for industrial processes.

For the river sand collection process, Submersible Mud Pumps are the most effective equipment to remove sand from the river.

What Is A Submersible Mud Pump?

Sand is an abrasive material and can be challenging to manage by pumps. The sand contact on the impeller, volute, or other parts of pumps can cause severe wear and tear. Hence, using a pump that withstands the harsh nature of sand is recommended.

Submersible mud pumps are designed specifically for the continuous pumping of extremely aggressive sands. It has the capability to handle large amounts of sand at consistently high efficiencies.

Moreover, we manufacture submersible sand pumps with tear-free and corrosion-resistant components for ideal performance in the river sand collection process. Our submersible mud pumps have exceptional wear resistance, ultimate toughness, and sand pumping capabilities.

Advantages Of Submersible Mud Pumps For River Sand Collection

Portable & Convenient:
Submersible mud pumps are very convenient because of their size and portable design. They are easy to handle and can be easily carried from one place to another as per the requirement.

Another advantage of a submersible mud pump is that there is no need for external priming as it is submerged in the liquid and is self-primed. This results in low maintenance and saves a lot of hassle and cost.

Corrosion Resistant:
Submersible mud pumps are made of quality materials like stainless steel that can withstand highly corrosive materials.

Highly Efficient:
Submersible mud pumps operate while submerged in the liquid, which means it doesn’t use up much energy. This allows more kinetic energy to transfer towards moving the fluids. Less energy usage helps save a lot of energy consumption and ensures pump longevity.

Less Noise:
Since the submersible mud pumps are submerged, the liquid absorbs most of the sounds resulting in less noise generation.

Submersible Mud Pump Specification

Motor Four Pole Continuous Duty Squirrel Cage Submersible Type Induction Motor
Insulation Class F
Protection IP – 68 / Thermal Over Load / Moisture
Cable PVC Insulated Double Sheathed Copper Conductor Flexible
Range 2 HP to 100 HP
RPM 1450
Size 2 inch to 8 inch
Connection DoL or Star Delta

Material Of Construction

Motor Body C.I./Alu.Alloy/SS
Pump Casing C.I/Alu/S.S 304/S.S 316
Impeller CI , Aluminium, S.S 304 , S.S 316
Shaft S.S 410 / S.S 431
Mech. Seal Double Type: TC vs TC(Pump Side)/SIC vs SIC
Bearing Deep Groove Ball Bearing (SKP) (Top) Double Row Angular Contact (Bottom)

To Conclude

River sand collection applications require more robust and reliable pumps that are designed to function adequately without clogging or stoppage. Submersible mud pumps are renowned for their higher performance in river sand collection.

They have greater capacity, pumping speed, and high energy efficiency. Additionally, Submersible mud pumps can easily handle high solid content and corrosive and abrasive fluids without any severe damage caused to a pump.

Installing the quality submersible mud pump for your river sand collection is paramount for a successful process. Contact a leading submersible mud pump manufacturer like JB Pumps Pvt. Ltd. to ensure you have the right pump for your project.

JB Pumps Pvt. Ltd. is a trusted manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of submersible pumps that meet your expectations. We design an extensive range of submersible pumps for wide industrial applications as per industry quality standards.

Reach out to us to discuss your requirements today.

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