JB Pumps India Pvt ltd is a leading pump manufacturing company that develops high-quality Self Priming Mud Pumps

It is a centrifugal pump which is suitable for pumping muddy water, sewage, polluted liquids & solids, and also in the swimming pool. The pumps can transfer the material from one place to another with great efficiency. Because of its good resistance to corrosion, it works for a long time without any leakage.

The Self Priming Mud Pumps is work on the principle of diffusion. In starting, the material is filled into the pump which is retained by its flap valve assembly. As the pumps start to work, the centrifugal force starts to take place and the air is mixed with the liquid. With the help of the impeller, the mixture is diffused and it is carried to the end. At the suction point, the air is eliminated and material is pumped out. It has an outstanding capacity to lift the water and upholds capability against corrosion, which make it one of the most demanding pumps in domestic as well as in the global market.


  • Dewatering, Mud, Marine, Effluent, Hotel, Loading & Transfer of Oils, Spirits, Swimming Pools, Gas, Oils, Engine Cooling.
  • Vessels, industrial-pumping petroleum products, chemical.
  • Civil construction dewatering foundations, trenches and pits, filter press feeding, ETP, STP, waste water treatment plant.
  • Mobile machinery - cooling water for marine engines and shovels.
  • Public utilities-sewage pumping.
  • Pier, excavations, pits, pots-holes, etc., gram panchayats, municipalities public health departments, large housing colonies, industries like chemical, pharmaceuticals, food, cement, paper, sugar, salt, steel and other for liquids cargo from freighter, barges.


  • Long-life due to replaceable wearing parts.
  • Dynamically balance rotating parts.
  • Easy maintenance and pump spare availability.
  • Designed for automatic air release during priming.
  • Grease lubricated deeply groove ball bearings


Volute Casing

Heavy duty built in volute having self-priming features and integrally cast with a base from closed grained C.I. castings.


Non-clogging designed for high efficiency. Semi open type and are hand finished for perfect smooth flow.


Made of EN 9 steel specifications ample size to transmit power without distortion or vibration. Bearings: Antifriction ball bearings, single row deep grooved heavy selected to provide maximum service. Grease lubrication arrange by grease cups.


Marked with arrow on casing of each pump, check before coupling with prime mover. Base Plate: Suitable base frame can be supplied along with pump.

Stuffing Box

Deep gland box used with graphite packing are lubricated by lantern ring with grease. Flanges: Companion flanges are supplied along with pumps.


C.I., C.S., SS304, SS316, Bronze, Alloy 20, CD4MCU etc.

Self Priming Mud Pump Videos


Range 1 HP & 60 HP
RPM 2800 or 1450
Size 2 inch to 8 inch