Dewatering Pumps For Monsoon Season – Everything You Need To Know

dewatering pumps for monsoon season


As the monsoon season approaches, municipal corporations gear up to face the challenges of heavy rainfall. Amongst various challenges, water logging in cities and towns is the most common in India.

Clogging and waterlogging in industrial areas cause heavy losses to business and transportation and operational disruptions. The good thing is that this calamity is preventable by using Dewatering pumps to discharge excess rainwater.

In this article, we will learn about the dewatering process, the roles of dewatering pumps, and different types of dewatering pumps to remove rainwater in monsoons.

What Is The Dewatering Process?

Dewatering is the process of removing groundwater and rainwater from a location and moving it to a pond, tank, or other location. This procedure is carried out by using dewatering pumps that flush out rainwater from a flooded area.

Excess rainfall can have major impacts on construction sites, roads, urban areas prone to water logging, tunneling, and mining areas. Hence, it is important to use the right pump that can move high volumes of water against low head pressure.

There are a variety of dewatering pumps used for dewatering rainwater, such as sewage pumps, non-clog sewage pumps, and dewatering pumps. These pumps help reduce the harmful effects of flooding caused by heavy rainfall or stormwater.

Roles Of Dewatering Pumps In Rainy Season

Cities with low-lying areas and inadequate drainage infrastructure often struggle with waterlogging and flooding during monsoon seasons. These problems disrupt daily life and pose risks to infrastructure and public health.

Dewatering pumps play a vital role in mitigating the impact of waterlogging by preventing water accumulation during heavy rainfalls.

JB Pumps India Pvt. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of dewatering pumps in India. Our diverse range of dewatering pumps is robustly designed with corrosion-resistant components to meet harsh situations.

The lightweight design of our dewatering pumps makes them highly portable to transport to the sites of water logging. In addition to this, our high-capacity pumps proactively deal with large volumes of water in troubled areas.

Types Of Dewatering Pumps For Monsoon

1. Submersible Dewatering Pumps

Submersible dewatering pumps are widely used by municipalities during monsoons to extract or remove excess water from a disturbed area. It reduces and maintains the water level in urban areas affected by water logging.

The pump is also used at construction sites, building sites, underground railways, and in open-cast mining to reduce the water level for a safe working environment.

JB Pumps India Pvt. Ltd. offers a specialized range of dewatering pumps for rainwater dewatering needs. We develop pumps in different sizes and quality to handle different dewatering conditions and requirements with ease.


  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Optimal Performance
  • Low Noise Pollution
  • High Pumping Capacity
  • Lightweight Design
  • Low Maintenance
  • Maximum Water Discharge

Technical Specifications:

Motor Two Pole Construction Duty Squirrel Cage Submersible Type Induction Motor
Insulation Class F
Protection IP – 68 / Thermal Over Load / Moisture
Cable Oil Proof PVC Insulated Double Sheathed Copper Conductor Flexible Cable
Range 1 HP to 50 HP
RPM 2800
Size 2-inch to 6 inch
Connection DoL or Star Delta

Material Of Construction:

Motor Body S.S 202/304 or Aluminum
Cooling Jacket S.S 202/304 / M.S
Impeller C.I IS 210 FG260 / S.S 304 / S.S 316
Shaft S.S 410
Strainer S.S 202
Mech. Seal Double type: TC Vs. TC
Bearing Deep Groove Ball Bearing (Top), Double Row Angular Contact Bearing (Bottom)

2. Submersible Non-Clog Sewage Pumps

As the name suggests, Submersible Non-Clog Sewage Pumps have an advanced feature that enables solid material transfer without clogging. These pumps are widely used for effective wastewater management and speedy dewatering from the basement, underground parking, and garages.

Our submersible non-clog sewage pumps are great options for draining accumulated rainwater during monsoons and removing wastewater.

JB Pumps India Pvt. Ltd. is the most trusted submersible pump manufacturer in Ahmedabad, India. We provide submersible sewage pumps built with excellent features and capabilities to handle larger liquid volumes, heavy industrial waste, and raw sewage material without any chance of getting clogged.


  • Robust Construction
  • Prevents Clogging
  • Noiseless
  • Leak Proof
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Minimum Maintenance

Technical Specifications:

Motor Two Pole Continuous Duty Squirrel Cage Submersible Type Induction Motor
Insulation Class F
Protection IP – 68 / Thermal OverLoad
Cable PVC Insulated Copper Conductor Flexible
Shafting S.S 410/S.S 431

1 HP & 2 HP (220v / 1 Phase)

1 HP & 25 HP (420v / 3 Phase)

RPM 2800
Size 2-inch to 6 inch
Connection DoL

Material of Construction:

Motor Body S.S 202
Pump Casing C.I IS 210FG260/S.S 304/S.S 316
Impeller C.I IS 210FG260/S.S 304/S.S 316
Shaft S.S 404
Strainer S.S 202
Mech. Seal Double Type: SiC Vs SIC/ TC Vs TC
Bearing Deep Groove Ball Bearing (SKF)

Advantages Of Using Dewatering Pumps

1. Water-Logging Mitigation:

These pumps effectively remove accumulated water from flooded areas which helps prevent water-logging. This minimizes the chances of damage to infrastructure, public places, and homes. Moreover, it ensures smooth transportation and reduces health hazards during heavy rainfall.

2. Groundwater Control:

Another significant advantage is they aid stable control and management of groundwater levels, which, if not maintained, can lead to soil erosion and weak foundations. Dewatering pumps prevent excessive water ingress to maintain a stable and secure construction environment and reduce foundation and structural-related issues.

3. Environmental Sustainability:

Our dewatering pumps are equipped with eco-friendly features like low power consumption for a sustainable environment. We design energy-efficient pumps using sustainable materials for lower power consumption and noise pollution.

To Conclude

Waterlogging and flooding in cities, towns, and many other areas are common challenges faced during the rainy season. Installing dewatering pumps in such areas can help reduce water-related problems by removing excess water.

Choosing the right dewatering pumps is crucial to appropriately combat water-logging and flood-like situations. JB Pumps is a renowned manufacturer of submersible pumps offering high-quality submersible dewatering and sewage pumps for rainwater dewatering needs.

Our dewatering pumps feature strong construction, corrosion resistance, and automatic controls to seamlessly handle large volumes of water even in the toughest situations.

Combat waterlogging with top-quality dewatering pumps!

Contact us for product requirements.

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