Slurry Pumps Manufacturer for Industries in Africa

Moving slurries is hard work. But it's really important for your business in Africa.

Whether it's sand from dredging, mineral mud from mining, or chemicals from factories, you gotta keep things flowing.

Besides, when pumps break down from slurries, it costs tons of money.

So, you need pumps that work non-stop even with rough slurries.

For over 25 years, JB Pumps India has been making heavy-duty slurry pumps that work everywhere. Our expertise in heavy-duty slurry pump technology can provide the ideal solutions for your industry in Africa.

JB Pumps India's Capabilities and Experience

JB Pumps India offers their own line of horizontal and vertical heavy-duty slurry pumps capable of handling the most demanding industrial applications.

We utilize state-of-the-art hydraulics, advanced materials like rubber and metals, and innovative seal technologies to optimize pump performance.

With a 25+ year history, JB Pumps has supplied over 8000 slurry pumps to customers worldwide. The industries served include mining, power, steel, dredging, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, ceramics, and more.

All these industries rely on JB Pumps' heavy-duty slurry pumps to efficiently and reliably move high volumes of abrasive and corrosive slurries 24/7.

Slurry Pumping Challenges in Africa

Pumping slurries in Africa can be extremely difficult due to the nature of the mixtures.

Mineral slurries, tailings, dredged sands, clay, and aggressive chemical mixtures all contain high concentrations of abrasive solids that cause significant wear and tear on pump components.

Corrosive mixtures also damage pump casings, impellers, seals, and more.

That’s why, it is essential to find pumps that can reliably handle such conditions 24/7 is critical for operational uptime.

Plus, the high temperatures and tough climate conditions in Africa require robust pump construction resistant to wear and failure.

Moreover, with the lack of access to spare parts in remote locations, you need pumps with long service life and intervals between maintenance.

How JB Pumps India Can Help

JB Pumps utilizes high chrome iron and other special alloys, rubber lining options, and innovative sealing configurations to withstand the abrasive and corrosive conditions present in your slurries.

Our pumps are designed for 24/7 continuous duty operation with long intervals between maintenance.

As a result, you get low operating and maintenance costs through design efficiencies and advanced hydraulics.

Additionally, JB Pumps has an extensive global supply chain to ensure quick spare parts delivery to your location.

Furthermore, you can get both standard and customizable pump designs to match your specific application requirements perfectly. Our expert engineers can provide pump sizing and selection assistance for your needs.


For industries across Africa that rely on moving challenging slurries each day, choosing an experienced and dedicated slurry pump manufacturer as a long-term partner is critical for success.

JB Pumps India, with specialized slurry pump expertise built over 25+ years, robust pump designs, custom engineering capabilities, and a global supply chain, is well-positioned to provide innovative and reliable slurry pumping solutions tailored to African applications.

If you’re looking to invest in slurry pumps from an overseas manufacturer, JB Pumps India is a solid and reliable choice.